Can We Do It Ourselves?

A film by Patrik Witkowsky, Jesper Lundgren, André Nyström and Nils Säfström. Distributed in cooperation with Fria Tidningar Media Cooperative.

This is a solid, thought provoking documentary covering a relevant economic topic in-depth. The question of capitalism’s grip on the modern world is highly relevant today and the film questions if we should be pushing for a democratic cooperative way of doing business, showing case studies of businesses who are surviving as democracies within a capitalist system.

EU Commission seeks out social innovators for New Ways to Grow

txt: European Commission seeks out social innovators with ideas for ‘New Ways to Grow’

There is a common understanding that current models of growth are no longer fit for a society where scarcity is the new reality. This years’ theme ‘New Ways to Grow’ will encourage entries with the potential to exemplify new models of growth that will sustain not only financial value, but also social progress for citizens, government and enterprises alike.

The Competition is open to applicants across the European Union and in countries participating in the European Horizon 2020 programme for research and innovation. Social innovation is a core dimension of the programme.
The three most effective projects will each be awarded with a prize of €50,000 at the awards ceremony to take place in Brussels in November 2015.
The competition deadline is Friday 8 May 2015 at 12.00 Brussels time (noon).

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