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Connected: declaring our interdependence

link: connectedthefilm.com

txt: connectedthefilm.com – Synopsis

Have you ever faked a restroom trip to check your email? Slept with your laptop? Or become so overwhelmed that you just unplugged from it all? In this funny, eye-opening, and inspiring film, director Tiffany Shlain takes audiences on an exhilarating rollercoaster ride to discover what it means to be connected in the 21st century. From founding The Webby Awards to being a passionate advocate for The National Day of Unplugging, Shlain’s love/hate relationship with technology serves as the springboard for a thrilling exploration of modern life… and our interconnected future. Equal parts documentary and memoir, the film unfolds during a year in which technology and science literally become a matter of life and death for the director. As Shlain’s father battles brain cancer and she confronts a high-risk pregnancy, her very understanding of connection is challenged. Using a brilliant mix of animation, archival footage, and home movies, Shlain reveals the surprising ties that link us not only to the people we love but also to the world at large. A personal film with universal relevance, Connected explores how, after centuries of declaring our independence, it may be time for us to declare our interdependence instead.

video: Connected | Official Trailer


Back where the web began: matter, antimatter

txt: CERN: How the web began

The first proposal for the World Wide Web (WWW) was made at CERN by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989, and further refined by him and Robert Cailliau in 1990.

txt: Antimatter atoms produced and trapped at CERN

Antimatter – or the lack of it – remains one of the biggest mysteries of science. Matter and its counterpart are identical except for opposite charge, and they annihilate when they meet. At the Big Bang, matter and antimatter should have been produced in equal amounts. However, we know that our world is made up of matter: antimatter seems to have disappeared. To find out what has happened to it, scientists employ a range of methods to investigate whether a tiny difference in the properties of matter and antimatter could point towards an explanation.

CERN – European Organization for Nuclear Research is the world’s leading laboratory for particle physics. It has its headquarters in Geneva.
The ALPHA Collaboration
CERN Courier: Keeping antihydrogen: the ALPHA trap

img: General views of the ALPHA experiment; – CERN PhotoLab

A digital Googlenaissance

txt: A digital renaissance: partnering with the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage

The Renaissance, Europe’s period of cultural, political and scientific rebirth, began in Florence around 600 years ago. At Google we’re interested in a (small “r”) renaissance of a different kind — a digital one. Since the launch of Google Books, we’ve been working with libraries and publishers around the globe to bring more of the world’s books to more readers around the globe. Any school child should be able to access the works of Petrarch, Dante or Vico (or, if they’re so inclined, Machiavelli). In the case of these more famous authors, this is already largely possible, but what about the work of Guglielmo il Giuggiola or Coluccio Salutati? We want all of the great literature and writings of Italy to be accessible to the general public.

MiBAC / Google: Conferenza Stampa di presentazione di uno storico accordo